Game development involves a lengthy process of creating a video game. To reduce that effort, companies nowadays rather than creating an entire new module for each game prefer making a standard engine which can be used for every game they create thus reducing production cost and development time, the engine which they create is labeled as or knows as GAME ENGINE.

We have dedicated team from gaming industry including Game Programmer, Game Designer & Game Artist, who have in-depth knowledge of gaming from level design to concept art, from 2D animations to 3D simulations, from real world physics to 2D tile based games. We have worked with renowned names in Gaming viz. India Games, Games2Win, US based gaming start ups & more.

Game Engines we use :

COCOS 2D: It is an engine specially designed for development of games for the IOS platform which includes various frameworks for the physics and graphic rendering.

UNITY 3D: One of the leading game engines in current market, biggest benefit working with unity is "Write once and run everywhere". With the help of unity one can make game for various platforms like:

  • iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)
  • WEB
  • Windows and MAC OS
  • XBOX 360

Unity 3D is not only for 3D games, we have also created many 2D games using unity by creating 2D modules which helps in 2D rendering and simulations. We even work on creating games without using game engines and write code from scratch if the requirements cannot be fulfilled by gaming engines.