Managed Offshore Development Center (MODC)

Over the last few years, global IT business concepts have considerably changed. Newer ideas have been conceptualized and executed. One of the proven trends that has captured the interest of startup to SME IT products companies or ISVs, is a managed offshore development center (MODC).

The reason for its emergence has been the value that it has delivered to businesses of all sizes and statures and its flexible approach which can get with various business cultures.

Managed ODC Concept

Here's a brief description of what MODC means. Its a concept where a dedicated team works for you from its respective center. In other words, it is a managed/supervised team which is working at an offshore center, reporting to you as per your terms and requirements. Prima Facie, it is work outsourcing, but the difference is that this doesn't work on project-by-project basis rather it is the organizational level interaction which helps you meet your requirements peaks & vallyes. Your MODC team is just a virtual extension of your engineering team at your disposal and pay a fixed amount every month or fortnightly, depending upon the terms of association.

Many of the preferred offshore destinations, around the world, have built up some impressive infrastructure and have erected strong security norms. Therefore, one can work with development centers in these regions with complete confidence. Furthermore, the fact that you get to access a global workforce works as another strong advantage of this structure.

BENEFITS OF Managed ODC With Cyberlinks :

As mentioned above, there are many benefits that can be availed by hiring the services of reputed MODCs. Here are a few of those:

One for All: This concept is highly flexible, and by that virtue ensures that companies of all sizes can availits services. Therefore, start-ups, small-sized firms and even the larger players, all of them can enjoy the benefits of reduced cost and increased ROI that a managed offshore development center can bring to you.

Global Expertise: When you engage in MODC mode, you get exposed to a global talent pool. Hence, you do not need to confine to the talent available in your region, but spread your wings and focus on your business and other organizational priorities leaving the delivery issues with your respective MODC partner.

Focus: If your main objective is to handle various elements of your development process, your focus on your business operations can be diluted. Therefore, by availing the services of a managed offshore development center (MODC), you ensure that your work is being handled by professionals. You can, hence, concentrate more on your business operations rather than tackling technical operational challenges.

Complete Control: Many people are wary about kind of control that they can exercise while working with MODCs. However reputed MODCs offer you a high level of control. In fact, their structures of working are so smooth and seamless that you would almost feel like working with your in-house team.

Flexibility & Support: Most of the companies offering MODCs are flexible enough to accommodate your requirements. In other words, the staff shall work as per your timings, and your specific needs shall be given prime importance. In nut shell it can be summarised that by an efficient & effective MODC you could achieve the operational excellence, reduce your time to market, increase your ROI and focus more on your other business critical issues to help your business grow by leaps and bounds.