Cyberlinks offers Onsite Model depending on the client´s requirements. The client can specify the skill sets and experience level of the resources required by him. The client can also specify the number of resources and the duration for which the resources are required.

This model is suitable for the projects that are complex and require proper and constant attention.

In Onsite Model, our team works at the client's location under the direct supervision of client's manager.


To get the Onsite resource(s), the client needs to specify the requirements, such as skill sets, experience level, number of resources, and duration. Based on these requirements, we identify the resources and forward their resumes to the client. The client can conduct their interview. Once the client is satisfied with the resources, we will make arrangements to send them at the client site.


The payment is made on monthly basis and in advance every month. We will give a customized quote to the client depending on the following factors:

  • Skill sets of the resources.
  • Experience level of the resources.
  • Duration for which we provide the resources to the client.
  • Total team size.
  • Client's location.

Apart from the customized quote provided by us, the client will also be responsible for the boarding, lodging, and traveling expenses of the Onsite resource(s).