Media and Entertainment plays a big role in our day to day life. Periodic evolution of media from print media to digital media and later TV and now interactive real time media viz. interactive media portals and Mobile Apps are indeed all facets and the medium to relay news and activities to the masses

Cyberlinks have been working with some reputed clients in media and entertainment (gaming, lifestyle, leisure and miscellaneous others) for developing some of the cutting edge products and platforms viz. Mobile TV, IPTV, interactive News Apps, 2D & 3D Mobile games, interactive News Portals & more With the explosion of online users and their acceptance of digital media, their poped up a new stream of user base. Given the tough competition of media industry and thin margins publishing house are looking forward to acquire their share of market in online space.

Almost every big publishing house want to publish their content on internet and want their content to be consumed on almost all mobile devices, it can be laptops, mobile, tablets, or smart tv’s.

We at Cyberlinks has gained expertise over Media domain by serving and providing the solution to publishing house all over world. Some of the biggest players in media domain are using our solution to name some we have NDTV, News Nation, LiveStation, NexG etc as our clients.

We provide End to End technical Solution from content uploading to Publishing, which includes various steps but are not limited to the following:

Content Management platform


User Management


Social connect

Report and Analytics

Add Management

Payment Gateway


Education is a basic requirement for citizens of any country, as it is seen as the foundation of a society having economic wealth, social prosperity, and political stability. Mobile phones, through various value added services, can be used as an effective channel for delivery of basic education related services across the country.

The need for distance & collaborative learning and the mobility has been fueling the demand for E-learning solutions. We at Cyberlinks has been instrumental in developing web and mobile based e-learning solutions which include audio-video chat , class room management, student activity scheduler, content management assessment and other presentation and collaboration tools for various types of audiences.

The advantage of using our services is that with the time we have gained good exposure of E- learning domain and can understand the requirement easily and utilize our expertise in a constructive way. Our solutions usually are SCROM compliant. SCROM is acronym of "Shareable Content Object Reference Model". This is a common e-learning standard used for developing, packaging and delivering high-quality training materials for online courses. One of our client are pioneer in E-learning space and has been serving to well over 5000 schools.

Some of the common feature an E-learning solution includes:

Classroom management

Virtual classroom

Content sharing and collobration

Audio and video steraming

Voice over IP

Activities scheduler

Online Assesments


Cyberlinks with a vast experience in mobile and web technologies, has been helping retailer to leverage technology and increase their business without any geographic boundaries. We assist them sell their products and services online. Cyberlinks offers a full-fledged range of m-Commerce development services. Our expertise allows us to deliver web platforms, mobile applications and mobile websites that work across a variety of platforms.

For m-Commerce we know it’s all about customers keeping this we design a simple to use portal in a way that there should be high customer retention and engagement. Apart from coding, which is of course an important part but in the mean time remains hidden too, Cyberlinks major focus is on content, simplicity, speed, presentation, user-interface, navigation and compatibility of m-Commerce solutions.


An m-Commerce has following major funcitonalities:

Simple to use GUI

Eassy to use editor

Inventory management

Fast Search

Content management system

User acess management


Analytics and reports

Social media connect

Payment gateway


With the online in existence rarely one will find booking the ticket/Room offline. With the advantage of comparing prices and managing their itinerary user are finding it lucrative. Cyberlinks has a vast experience in travel domain gained with a wide range of clients. We have over a decade of experience with solutions for Travel and Tourism. Our customers and service providers in the sector include major travel agents, hoteliers, large tour operators and airline sales agents.

Among our many offerings for this domain are:

Website / Mobile App

Online booking and reservation systems

Inventory management

XML data integration

Mobile solutions

Payment gateway integration

Aggregator for prices

Integration between GDS